Everyone is Gifted2 to do something
at our "Art Cafe" in Studio77

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Welcome to Gifted2 shop & Art Cafe @ Studio 77....

We market & sell & create Handmade Gifts locally and around the world.

We simply want to "match beautifully handcrafted gifts with beautifully handcrafted people like you...."

We believe that "everyone is Gifted2 do something"

Through our Studio we are "sowing seeds into local community"

Hi, my name is Claire.   I am the new owner of the beautiful Gifted2.  
Our Beautiful Gift Shop in Brixham became ours on 17th May 2016..  
We can walk into any shop and briefly glance through the merchandise a little like a field full of wild flowers on a hot summers day.  We can disregard them because either they haven't been given a "designer label", they aren't the right colour - shape - size etc... but the deciding factor is do we consider them worthy of the price.  Does their cost determine their value?  There is just as much effort and gifting and creativity that has gone into the wildflower as there is pure breed.  In fact - I believe that a wild flower has often had to grow in very difficult places and often isn't thought of very highly and often not given prime position in our homes & gardens.  Most famous artists around the world with a successful career of longevity have grown in hard places.  I have grown in hard places in my life as I am sure many of you reading this have too.  At Gifted2 we want to honour the Designer for the lengths they have gone to in creating and producing something precious.  Being willing to allow others to comment and criticise their heart work, and in doing so bring something of the "preciousness" of 'the gift' into the homes and hearts of our consumers & community.  Gifted2 is not just a Gift Shop.  We are sowing seeds into the heart of our Community by valuing and giving credit to 'the Gift'.  We believe the Gift you purchase carries the very essence of the gift within the Designer themselves!  I invite you before looking at the cost of 'the Gift' showcased here - to first spend 5 minutes looking at 'the gift', read the "Inspire Me Profile" and lastly consider the cost.  If you feel that the cost of your chosen gift determines the value of it .... then we have succeeded in a match and in doing so you are partnering with us in sowing a seed into the local Community.
Our aim is to match beautifully handcrafted gifts to beautifully handcrafted people.. just like you...
Claire Louise - Gifted2

Owner's Story

I came on holiday to Brixham in August 2015 with my 3 children.  I'd been here when I was 6 years old with my parents and grandparents. They bought me a beautiful ragdoll which I called 'Lucy Long Legs' because she had long golden braids and even longer legs!  The Golden Hind was in the harbour just as it is now and I clearly remember walking down towards the harbour although it all seemed much bigger to me then & we stayed in a house with lots of windows and great views.   I came here again in 2013 with my parents and 3 children and we stayed in a lovely house just overlooking Fore Street, called Seagull Cottage - it was a really lovely holiday that we all enjoyed.  We could see the diver on top of The Rio Fish & Chip shop from the Cottage and it was great to just walk the short distance down St Peter's Hill into the bustling town centre.  Even as early as March it was hard to walk on the pavements because of the number of tourists and bustle of the town was evident the minute you stepped onto Fore Street.  Neither of these 2 visits convinced me that I wanted to move to Brixham however, or even into Devon.  Great holidays were enjoyed but I wasn't considering a move from my childhood home area of Buckinghamshire of almost 50 years.  But..... in August 2015 I looked through the windows of The Compass House Medical Centre and realised that the view was the very same view I had dreamt about in March 2014 and I had even journalled this dream because it was so clear - although at the time I didn't know the surgery was in Brixham.  That was the start of it really.... I felt such a pull on my heart to move here and as I looked out of curiosity into the Surgery Windows (working in a surgery myself) I was literally flabbergasted to see my dream before my eyes.  The layout of the harbour and fishing port behind, the rounded light wood reception desk, the layout of the chairs. .  It was just a matter of finding the right gateway in.  In the dream I was told "Christmas is a very special time here".  That summer I didn't get the chance to finish a sandcastle my 12 year son and I were building at Goodrington Sands so we returned 2 weeks later to finish it. I was finding it very difficult being parted from my son as I worked such long hours in my job.  And also our little dog was farmed out to our kind neighbour, every week day and I guess I began to ask myself - Why? Apart from having a great time and building an excellent sandcastle that weekend in September -  I noticed a small advert in the front window of No. 77 Fore Street.  Initially I didn't think anyone like me could run a retail business - but the thought was sown and it grew. My love of people, my background in making the Financial Claims for the Surgery, my creative side - I just wanted to bring it all together along with my family.   I offered on the existing business in October 2015 and that was to be the beginning of a 7 month journey to buy this beautiful, full of potential business in what I believe is one of the most special English seaside towns in the UK - Brixham!  What was it that caught my attention that day.... Hearts! - mine, the people, the community the crafts community - yes all of these and the most exquisite scenery -  but it was my God-given Destiny that brought me here.  I believe God gives us all dreams and I believe we all have a destiny to fulfil - that's how I came to be here!

Fill in your details opposite if you have any constructive comments or helpful advice.  We'd love to hear from you.

Sourcing from local Community

We believe by utilising local crafts people we are essentially sowing seeds into our community & building bridges for successful business within the UK

Inspiring local Community

Our Heart is that our designs and gifts will inspire our local community, enhancing what we already have.  We want to sow seeds of encouragement.

Marketing our Community

We want others to hear about our Craft Community.  We believe our Craft Community here is unique and our gifts will inspire excellence and growth for the UK.
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